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Record/Mix/Master on Pro Tools and Radar V. Rooster Studios is a boutique recording studio in the heart of Shepherds Bush.  The expertly treated tracking space accommodates bands, ensembles and voiceover artists. There is a stunning collection of Mics and outboard to compliment the 48ch analogue Otari Status console. Coupled with plenty of UAD and DSP processing power Rooster has all you need to make amazing sounding recordings and create professional mixes. 

Some of the esoteric and desirable items include Brauner VMA and Manley Gold reference vocal microphones. Avalon VT737, and GML2020 channel strips. Neve 33609, Chiswick Reach and Urei 1176 vintage compressor/limiters.
Rooster runs 2 complete DAW systems! 
A Mac based Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 2020, and a PC based Nuendo 12 system. Plugins available include a huge selection of UAD DSP powered plugins, Waves, Izotope,  Plugin Alliance, Antares, Softube, Steven Slate and more.

See full gear list on the Gear page.

The History of Rooster
Rooster Studios first opened its doors for business in 1981 and, from the humble platform of a Soundcraft console and a battered 3M 16 track recorder, it grew rapidly to become a 32 track digital studio by the mid eighties.  Owner Nick Sykes brought a roster of clients from his earlier freelance work to create a vibrant, mid priced studio.  By the late 80s a veritable 'who's who' of the current pop business had passed through Rooster's door.  Amongst these were Kajagoogoo, The Cocteau Twins, Go West, Nick Heyward, The Divine Comedy, 12th Night and many others. With continuing upgrades introducing Radar and DAW systems, success continued through the 90's and 00's as up and coming bands such as Jamiroquai and The Mystery Jets came through it's doors. Rooster continues to exceed expectations with its' outstanding sound quality, productive atmosphere and nostalgic charisma.   


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